Any New Family Game Night Ideas? You’ve Gotta Try the Happy Salmon Game!

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The Happy Salmon Game is just the high-fiving, fin-flipping card game you’ll want for a fun family game night. Let me show you…

The first thing you’ll notice about the Happy Salmon Game is that it’s sooo easy to learn. North Star Games, the maker of this delightful card game, says it only takes 30 seconds to learn. It’s a great card game to introduce to 6-year-olds and up. Three to six players, kids and adults, will enjoy this fast-paced game that will bring excitement and lots of laughter to play time.

Happy Salmon Game Video – Watch the Fun

It’s More Than Just a Fun Card Game

Various types of games have been used for decades to educate and promote healthy motor skills in children – including eye-hand coordination. Games have now become sophisticated instruments of teaching rather than simply an activity to fill time.

Studies have shown that games can lower the anxiety that children often experience in school or other teaching sessions and make them more open to expressing themselves and learning when it’s fun and fast-paced.

Games can be highly motivational and very entertaining so that even shy or reluctant students feel excited about having the opportunity to openly express their own feelings and opinions.

Within the classroom, games are sometimes used as a diversion to the normal classroom style of teaching. They serve to help the children relax and speak up about their ideas and also to help them learn faster and remember what they’ve learned.

Most teachers understand that games can be an incredible tool for learning, but some consider them a “time filler” at the end of a lesson. Recent studies indicate that games can be much more than simply entertainment for kids and should be used frequently to add diversity and fun to the classroom.

This card game is one of the best family game night ideas I've seen.

Playing the Happy Salmon Game

With the Happy Salmon Game, you’ll get 72 cards, a rulebook and a happy salmon pouch to carry the game intact wherever you go. Kids will have a ball learning the moves of the game which include the “high 5”, the all-together “pound it”, the heart-racing “Switcheroo”, and the fun “happy salmon handshake” – which will make the players roll with giggles and delight.

It’s an easy game to learn. The players call out the action that appears on the top of their cards and when two players can match that action those players perform it together.

The top card is then discarded and the next player looks for another match. Play on until one player matches all the cards in the deck and is declared the winner. It’s silly and uplifting fun that the entire family can enjoy.

One of the Best Family Game Night Ideas to Come Along

Games are a great way to entertain kids and to bring the family together to enjoy some mental and physical stimulation. The Happy Salmon Game will keep your family moving and mentally alert for hours.

The Happy Salmon Game can be a welcome diversion for your family to spend enjoyable moments together — making memories rather than devoting all their attention to a cell phone or computer.

Family game night ideas - think Happy Salmon Game

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Happy Salmon Game Family Game Night Ideas

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