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Let your kids craft to their heart’s content with 36 colors with one of the best Play-Doh deals I’ve found… you’ll want to hurry for this Amazon exclusive.


Play Doh Deals - An Amazon Exclusive

This classic toy never runs out of style, and it never fails to entertain and provide countless hours of fun to children and adult alike. Who hasn’t played with Play-Doh at childcare or kindergarten? Some of us even have had a taste of this salty toy.

Love this Play-Doh Mega Set of 36 ColorsCreative Play That’s a Favorite of Kids and Parents

This mega pack is a pot of gold for people of all ages who love to mold, shape, squeeze, roll, squish, smoosh, press, and dash. For a fraction of the price, you get all the colors of the rainbow to play with. It’s the most affordable set in the market. The huge pack contains all you need for all of your creative endeavors. You can craft anything to your heart’s content with 36 different colors to choose from.

If you are not buying this set for yourself to play with, you won’t regret getting them. Once they arrive, invite your friends and neighbors over. Have them bring their kids over, or gather all the grandkids. The children will really love them. You can play with the kids or just leave them to play with each other while you have fun with the adults.

Why I Think This is One of the Best Play-Doh Deals

With 36 colors, your kids will have hours of fun with this Play-Doh exclusive deal from AmazonWell, it is 36 cans, to start. And it’s a great deal.

But what I also like about Play-Doh is that it allows children to slow down, take a break from their gadgets, and play using all of their skills and senses. Flattening, rolling, squashing, and squishing the dough strengthens the muscles of their hands, which develops the fine motor skills that they need for writing and other skills, such as using tweezers and cutting with scissors. It also enhances their hand-to eye-coordination when they use various objects and materials while making their artwork.

If you are not playing, you can grab a ball and play with it like a stress ball. You can feel the stress melt away while you squish and mold it with your hands. If this can relax an adult, it will also help release the extra energy that children often have. Play-Doh also helps develop and improve their concentration and focus.

When children play with other people, it also develops their social skills. Playing with adults and/or with other kids provides opportunities for discussion, talk, and simple conversation. They learn to interact with others, plan, and solve problems they may encounter while making their models. When you encourage them to describe what they are molding, it becomes a great outlet for their emotions and ideas.

How to Make this Play-Doh Deal Even Better?

You can double, triple or even quadruple plus this deal. It’s just that good.

Let me warn you, though; children can become too excited with this set. They will certainly want to try out all the colors all at once and mix them all together.  You may want to keep most of them hidden away and just take out new ones as needed. It’s always fun to open a new color and this way; they will last longer.

So, who doesn’t love playing with soft, colorful doughs? I know it can be fun to make your own doh, finding a huge deal like this might be even nicer. I mean… 36 colors! Your kids will come up with all kind of creations that will keep them occupied for hours.

Play-doh is for kids two-years-old and up.

Check Out Amazon's Price for this Play-Doh Mega Set

Check Out Amazon's Price on this Play-Doh Mega Set

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